Why We Care

We care because there is disparity of access to modern medical technology within countries between large population centers and small communities, and between developed and growing countries. The equipment replaced by upgrades in wealthy institutions usually goes into storage instead of being recycled or refurbished for use in less wealthy institutions where modern technology is absent.

We care because the access to modern medicien is limited by the availabilty of trained medical professionals so that even when modern technology is available, there are few trained professionals to operate and interpret the results of diagnostic measurements.

We care because advances in modern medicine reach less than 10% of humanity, while cocoa cola, pepsi, and energy drinks have reached more than 90% of the planet. This begs the question what if the successful marketing model of the beverage industry is applied to healthcare? Can this be the means to arrest the global epideic of heart disease?

We care because the cost of pharmaceutical products is beyond the means of most people without robust health insurance plans. But there are natural remedes that work by the same mechanisms as pharmaceuticals without harmful side effects. For example, a bout of high blood pressure led me to discover a unique vegetable juice coctail that reduces blood pressure to normal levels within fifteen minutes. This led to the realization that healthcare solutions do not always take the form of expensive pharmaceuticals but can be inexpensive local remedes. Hence access to modern medicine does not always mean access to pharmaceuticals, but the known mechanisms of disease can be exploited by local remedes.

Thus the goal of Medical Biosciences is to provide access to modern medicine, medical technology and to train medical professionals to use modern medical technology.

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