Modern Equipment

We are the agent on behalf of the buyer in the acquisition of modern medical technology. Medical equipment such as MRI systems are very expensive and complicated. The decision to purchase and install this equipment in hospitals and clinics should not be made without expert guidance of a Medical Physicist who specializes in captal medical technology. We are the experts in MRI, CT, Echo and Nuclear Imaging technology.

Often the assistance in purchsing capital medical equipment is provided by the manufacturer. But it is in their interest to convince the buyer to purchase their equipment. However the specific needs of a hospital or clinic are usually independent of the manufacturer. It is our job to know the product lines of all manufacturers and to help you make an unbiased selection of the equipment that best meets your needs.

What We Can Do For You

MBS is your purchasing agent when you need to acquire capital medical technology. We work hard to ensure that your experience is favorable. We maintain relationships with the buyer and manufacturer to ensure smooth, reliable and efficient operation of your medical technology after it is installed.

MBS manages and maintains calibration schedules and records for your complex medical technology during the lifetime of its operation. We make recommendations for upgrades and renewal or replacement of medical technology. We recycle capital medical equipment when upgrades are necessary, we find a new home for the outgoing medical equipment thereby extending the life and providing access to institutions that could not otherwise afford to purchase new equipment.

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